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September 22, 2002


GAZA CITY (AFP) - The Islamic militant group Hamas called for an intensification of the two-year-old Palestinian uprising in response to the Israeli army's encirclement of Yasser Arafat in his battered West Bank headquarters.

A militant group, meanwhile, warned of more suicide bombings against Israeli civilian targets.

"Hamas assures Abu Ammar (the Palestinian leader's nom de guerre) of its support and calls for an intensification of the resistance in response to events in Ramallah," senior Hamas official Ismail Haniya told AFP.

Israel is "responsible for the consequences that will ensue if it continues its siege of the Palestinian president and the brothers holed up with him," Haniya said, calling on the Palestinian people to "respond to Zionist terrorism through intifada (uprising)".

The Israeli siege of Arafat's headquarters was "an instance of the dangerous terrorism that the Zionist enemy conducts against our people," the Hamas official said.

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