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September 05, 2002

The Supreme Court´s Assault on Israel´s Self-Defense

The following op-ed in Arutz Sheva describes how the meddling of the radical leftists on the Israeli Supreme Court severely curtails Israel's ability to defend itself from terrorism.
One of the greatest threats to Israeli democracy is the anti-democratic behavior of its Supreme Court. Non-elected justices who cannot be impeached, and who are great advocates of “judicial activism”, which is essentially illegal judicial legislating by non-elected judges who trump the elected representatives of the people, dominate the Court.

The Supreme Court is composed largely of leftists and radical secularists who believe that their mission is, among other things, to constrain the Orthodox in
Israel and invent new "rights" that the people and the Knesset are unwilling to create, like the right to import pork but not kosher meat. The Chief Justice insists that the Court´s obligation is to issue rulings in line with "enlightened”- meaning leftist radical secularist- opinion.

A while back, the extremist Chief Justice of the Court ordered the Arab terrorist murderers of the Jewish child Dani Katz to be returned to the streets, until they were reconvicted of the murder. Perhaps the most outrageous aspect of the Court´s misbehavior, though, is its self-imposed need to micromanage Israel´s army and military defense activities. The justices believe that they have the right to dictate to the army in every single case what bullet, and in which direction, the soldiers may fire, and that they may second-guess every military micro-decision.........[read on]