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September 14, 2002

Peres' Treachery Continues

Not satisfied with the irreparable damage that he has already inflicted on Israel, Shimon Peres on Friday promised US officials that Israel would be willing to offer a similar deal to the one “negotiated” by Barak and rejected by Arafat at Camp David in 2000. This announcement comes despite Ariel Sharon’s stated opposition to the parameters of Camp David deal. This deal includes, of course, the surrender of Yesha and the Temple Mount to the savages. On the day of the ninth anniversary of the Oslo disaster which he personally engineered, Peres is still dedicated to a policy of appeasement and surrender to the murderers. We can only hope that Israel will survive his treachery.
(Jerusalem Post) Foreign Minister Shimon Peres told top US government officials Friday that he believed that a modified Camp David deal could still be reached with the Palestinians and urged the US to expedite the process of Palestinian Authority reforms.

Speaking at a Council on Foreign Relations breakfast, Peres predicted that a similar deal to the one proposed at Camp David in 2000 would be offered by Israel if final status negotiations resumed. This would be "to concentrate all the settlements of the West Bank in a small piece of land.. and to have a swap," Peres said.

"My impression, is that the Palestinians are ready to accept, so once we enter the permanent negotiations this, in my judgment, will be put on the table again," Peres added. [Read More]