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September 05, 2002


Today is the 30 anniversary of the massacre of 11 Israeli athletes and coaches by the crew of Yasir Arafat. The Olympics does not commemorate this event at the Olympics- it was only Jews who were killed.

Much more information on this tragic event is a KesherTalk.

Here is a picture of those murdered.

Where is the Picture?

Here is a very good news account of what happened - They're All Gone. And here is a US Olympics presentation.

The Official International Olympic Committee press release on the subject, and these wusses have to be commended to even have a press release, quotes the president of the movement nicely saying :"The IOC will never forget this event which was the most tragic incident to have happened in the history of the Olympic Games. We will always remember it and ensure that the memory of our colleagues and friends who passed away is maintained".
OK - so why don't you commemorate it at the Olympics than? When the Olympics are held, no mention is ever made of the murders.

The press release refers to the "Munich Tragedy", "tragedy", " of the victims lost their lives", "tragic incident" and "memory of our colleagues and friends who passed away is maintained". But never actually tells you what happened - some people, died - how many 3 or 4? How did they die, did they OD on steroids? Were they killed - no one seems to know. And if they were killed, certainly no one knows who did it.