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September 14, 2002

L’affaire Netanyahu, Part II

Following the violent riots by supporters of the Palestinian-Arabs in Montreal on Monday, 9 September, 2002, some Canadians spoke out in articles and letters to the editors of major papers. Unfortunately, the government of Canada, the Montreal Police and Concordia University seem rather silent.

Following are the four letters that the Ottawa Citizen ran on Friday, September 13 (p. A17).

Concordia riot was an affront to our values

Re: Montreal riot silences Netanyahu, Sept. 10.

It was a total disgrace that Middle Eastern demonstrators at Concordia University went on a rampage and committed so much violence, all to prevent freedom of speech for Benjamin Netanyahu, former Israeli prime minister.

These demonstrators are obviously intent on converting Canada into a hell-hole such as the Middle East has become. It is a disgrace to such people and to any cause that they represent, and it is against all human values, Canadian or otherwise.

The students and other demonstrators must be identified and severely punished. The punishment should include their expulsion from the university and if they are foreign students, cancellation of their student visas and deportation from Canada.

I don't believe any Canadian wants such violent people to live in this country. R.A. Shankar, Ottawa

Zero tolerance

This violent action must be dealt with quickly and firmly and never be allowed to happen again.

All those who participated in these riots who are not Canadian citizens must be expelled from Canada, regardless of stripe. Canadian citizens who participated should be interviewed and placed on a watch list. Immigration from the Mid-die East should be suspended.

I hope that zero tolerance can save our country from import-jag the never-ending hate these people have for each other. Henry Klassen, Ottawa


This demonstration in Montreal was embarrassing to Canadians. It was a reminder of the problems encountered, and avoided, several months ago, when the University of Ottawa had the foresight to vet potentially offensive materials being posted in an area frequented by students.

Canadian universities should be areas of intense discussion and debate. However, when they are used by self-serving militant groups to threaten the security of others, we must ensure their acts do not take place.

Canada must be free for all to enjoy without fear of being subjected to the imported vio-lence-prone troubles of other countries.

The Citizen reported on the former RCMP Security Service keeping track of certain university student activities (RCMP spied and kept files on hundreds of 'VIPs,' Sept. 9)- While that may have raised some eyebrows, intelligence gathering of this type may help prevent future problems. F. Dale Boire, Ottawa

Fate of democracy

This small mob trying to silence the opposition conjures up the image of Germany in the 1920's and 1930's, when small fascist groups successfully silenced anyone and everyone who held different views.

If we fail to raise our voices now, we may well end up exactly as the Germans ended up. Let us not keep silent, as the fate of our democracy is at stake. Joseph Alexander Norland, Ottawa

When I wrote my letter (the last in the series of four), I was concerned that I may be the only one to address the issue. I am pleased to note that at least three other Canadians have done the same, and more letters may appear in the coming days.

Contributed by Joseph Alexander Norland