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September 04, 2002

Interesting article discussing the controversial issue of "Transfer" in its various forms

Transfer- a Viable Solution? by Boaz Fletcher

Since 1979, Israel has signed two peace-treaties, one with Egypt and the other with Jordan. Both of those treaties incorporated the concept of “land-for-peace”, the former, necessitating Israeli withdrawal from the Sinai and the latter, certain border modifications with Jordan.

The solutions for the current phase of the Arab-Israeli conflict are playing out on a similar theme: Israel will cede territory that it came into possession of in the course of defending itself in 1967, and the Palestinians will sign a treaty that ends hostilities, recognizes the Jewish State, and puts a final end to all claims in pre-67 Israel.

Most readers of this column probably don’t believe that the solution put forth above is the proper solution for the situation, for reasons ranging from lack of trust of the Palestinians or their intentions (been there, done that); to international precedent and law dating back millennia that permits a nation-state to retain territory conquered in a defensive war; to belief that the areas of Judea, Samaria and Gaza with their continuous 3500 year Jewish presence are part of the Jewish heritage; and not least because the Almighty said that it’s ours.

There is another approach being put forward to solve the conflict, and it has the support of anywhere between 35% to over 50% of the Israeli population, depending on whose polls you read and believe. It goes under the popular name of “Transfer”. . . . [read on]