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September 04, 2002

IDF Deserters Petition High Court

Eight IDF deserters are petitioning the High Court to declare the "occupation" of Judea, Samaria and Gaza illegal. These cowards, who should be happy that they have not been shot for desertion during a time of war, are instead trying to undermine the efforts of the loyal IDF soldiers.
(Ha'aretz) Eight IDF reserve soldiers who refuse to serve in the West Bank and Gaza Strip asked the Supreme Court on Wednesday to rule that the Israeli occupation of those areas is illegal.

It was not clear whether the court would hear the case. Petitioners said it was the first legal challenge to Israel's 35-year presence in the lands the Palestinians claim for a state.

The petitioners argued that in the past two years of Israeli-Palestinian fighting, Israeli has abrogated its duties - as stipulated by international law - to take care of Palestinians living under occupation.