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September 05, 2002

I get a couple of those mass e-mails people have started sending around regarding current events. Although a lot of people won't necessarily agree with everything written here, I thought this was definitely worth repeating:

The pope has never found it necessary to express publicly the least discomfort over phenomena like pederast priests or IRA gunmen. Not a single self-respecting Moslem cleric has found it necessary to express the least shame about the use of Islam to justify the wanton killing and maiming for life of innocent men, women, children, babes in arms… But in the columns of a newspaper that has remained indifferent to repeated manifestations of Arab rapture over terror attacks against Jews, the Chief Rabbi of Britain finds it necessary to express his "profound shock" over a group of Israeli soldiers who were photographed smiling alongside the body of a dead Palestinian" -- without mentioning that the soldiers in question were later disciplined.


Perhaps, in the luxury of his Hamilton Terrace London mansion, under 24-hour protection by friendly bobbies and faceless detectives, the good rabbi cannot quite understand how 18 and 19 year old Israeli soldiers, who daily risk their lives in the front line confronting an enemy that knows no depths of cruelty and depravity, might spontaneously break out in a smile at seeing one of them dead.

The phrase "give back" implies that something was stolen. How can the Chief Rabbi of all people collaborate in this myth-making? Is he not aware that many of the lands currently "occupied" by Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza were purchased
for good money and owned by Jews in Turkish times, long before there was a Jewish state?

If the Rabbi is too much of a good chap to cite the biblical rights of the Jewish People to the entire Land of Israel, why does he ignore International Law? Neither the West Bank nor Gaza belonged to any sovereign state when Israel captured them in 1967; they were essentially stateless territories. Both had originally been part of the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine. According to the UN partition plan of 1947, they should have become part of a new Arab state when Britain abandoned the Mandate in 1948. But since the Arabs themselves rejected this plan, not only did that state never come into being, it never even acquired theoretical legitimacy. The West Bank and Gaza were therefore not owned by anyone when they were seized by Jordan and Egypt respectively in 1948. Since their annexation by these countries was never internationally recognized, they were still stateless territory in 1967.

And, of course, regardless of the veracity of Rabi Sacks's statements, the level of sheer irresponsibility inherent in making such statement to the Guardian is incomprehensible. The British Jewish community should demand Rabbi Sacks's immediate resignation.

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