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September 04, 2002

"Gaza first" - to what end?

The events since "Gaza first" was implemented leave little doubt that the Palestinian-Arab terrorists have no interest in anything akin to peace. Here is today's news review by Arutz 7:

Palestinian mortar shells continue to bombard Jewish homes and communities in Gaza, and residents are wondering when the army will take action. Three shells hit local Jewish neighborhoods last night, two smashed into Kfar Darom this morning, and a sixth one landed near Gadid this afternoon.

Asher Mivtzari of Kfar Darom told Arutz-7 what happened in his house early this morning:

"At 6 AM, we had a very big miracle when a shell exploded in the kitchen. A tremendous boom shook the building, and the whole house was filled with a cloud of smoke and soot. Thank G-d no one was hurt, but it could have been very different: Our kids often use the kitchen as a central meeting place... We've already had over 1,600 shells in this area - a genuine war situation. We truly had a miracle, but there's no reason to wait for further miracles; the army must take much stronger action."

Nearby, IDF forces killed a terrorist at the Kisufim Junction last night when they saw him attempting to approach the area. He managed to throw at least two grenades before he was killed. Arabs also threw grenades at soldiers stationed near Kfar Darom last night, as well as at troops near yet another Gush Katif community, Ganei Tal.

And these are the people to whom George Bush wishes to give a sovereign state!

Contributed by Joseph Alexander Norland