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September 11, 2002

For the record

A news story that ran today [Sept 11, 2002] by AP reports as follows, under the heading, Suspected al-Qaida Hide-Out Raided:
KARACHI, Pakistan (AP) - Heavily armed police wearing body armor stormed a suspected al-Qaida hide-out Wednesday, killing two gunmen and capturing at least five others in a three-hour shooting battle, police said. One child was killed in the cross fire.

When Palestinian-Arab civilians are caught in the cross-fire, there is no end to the denunciation of Israel, with Kofi, Solana, Robinson and similar saints competing for the harshest criticism. When a similar incident occurs in Karachi, the whole affair is summarized in two AP lines.

It is vital that one keep a running record of the double standard used by the "international community".

Contributed by Joseph Alexander Norland