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September 24, 2002

Denbeste Does it Best

There is no denying that Steven Denbeste's blog, USS Clueless, is one of the most thoughtful out there. Last week he had a fantastic piece which everyone should read detailing "Who is our enemy?". It is a great essay and comes to the conclusion that "Arab culture" is the enemy of the U.S.

Why am I posting this - because the enemy defined by Denbeste is the same enemy that Israel is fighting and has been fighting since 1948.

The enemy that has been fighting Israel for 50 years reached out to the United States on 9/11 and the war that Clinton assiduously tried to avoid has been visited upon us. It is almost an Israelization of the United States. The war Israel has been fighting and the violence it has been suffering from (and the lack of support from most of the world) is now being faced by the U.S. The 1982 bombing of the Iraqi nuclear reactor is the kind of preemption Denbeste is now calling for 20 years latter.

Well worth the time to read.