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September 25, 2002

Dead End

I had posted a piece by Ramzy Baroud yesterday. That article stated that going after Arafat was plain silly since Arafat had no control over the terrorists. Today, Tom Frieman in the NY Times, similarly suggests that Sharon is making a mistake by again going after Arafat and bringing down his compoud when in fact the Israeli effort ought to be directed elsewhere.

I post the Friendman piece here. You can decide if in fact a very anti-Israeli writer and a pro-Israeli writer have come to the same understanding about Sharon, and, if so, what might be a wiser course of action. I hope you will comment with your views on this issue.
happened to be in Israel on Sept. 11, 2001, and on Sept. 12 went to the Israeli Defense Ministry to talk to security experts there about what Israel had learned from dealing with Palestinian suicide bombers that might help America. The main lesson, they said, was this: In the end, the only people who can effectively stop suicide bombers are those in the community they come from. Only if their political and spiritual leaders delegitimize suicide bombing, only if their security forces and intelligence agencies are mobilized to prevent it, can it really be stopped. Israel, they told me, could never penetrate Palestinian society the way Palestinians could. Therefore, the ultimate task for Israel was to find the right pressures and incentives to get the Palestinians themselves to stop the bombings.

Unfortunately, that message does not seem to have reached Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who, I believe, has never had a plan for how to reach a stable accommodation with the Palestinians, is only interested in making the West Bank safe for Israeli settlers to stay, not to leave, and is going to lead Israel into a dead end — if he sticks to his present course — and will take America along for the ride.

For the complete article (reg req'd, NY Times) [click here]