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September 14, 2002

Crime and Reward

The ink has not yet dried on the pictures of the Palestinian Arabs demonstrating in Gaza to support Saddam Hussein, nor has the image of Palestinian-Arabs celebrating 9-11 faded, and Bush is eagerly continuing to pursue the old Western appeasement system of rewarding dictators and terrorists.

A news story posted by AP under the title, Bush Holds Talks With Palestinians, dated September 14, 2002, reports:

In his first-ever discussion with a Palestinian Authority official, President Bush said statehood is a prerequisite for ending Palestinian suffering, the official said Saturday...

The conversation between Bush and Nabil Shaath, the Palestinian minister for international cooperation and planning, occurred Thursday during a reception Bush held for heads of state and representatives in New York, where the U.N. General Assembly is meeting.

Shaath said the two spoke for about seven minutes. He said Bush reiterated his support for an independent and economically viable Palestinian state.

"He (Bush) told me he meant every word, that this was the minimum that the Palestinian people deserved, that there can be no end to the suffering of the Palestinian people without achieving this independent state," Shaath said.

Well, any animal trainer can tell Bush what to expect when bad behaviour like terrorism is rewarded the way he is rewarding the Palestinian Arabs.

Remember Munich, September 1938.

Contributed by Joseph Alexander Norland