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September 05, 2002

Check out the blogburst commemorating the 30th anniversary of the masacre of Israeli Olympic athletes by Palestinian terrorists from the Black September group at the 1972 Olympic Games at Munich.

The very name of the group Black September is sadly indicative of the way Israel is treated by the world then and now. Black September commemorates fighting and atrocities between Arabs. "Palestinian" Arabs living in Jordan against the Jordanian government. The Palestinians, as is their custom, claimed victim status in this fighting, and they therefore termed the fighting "Black September" which they continue to commemorate. The fact that the goal of a terrorist organization who's name is meant to recall Jordanian atrocities against Palestinian-Arabs is to terrorize not Jordanians, but Jews and Israelis, as I said above, is indicative of Israel's treatment internationally. Blame Israel. Blame the Jews. A group is upset that Palestinians were murdered by Jordanians - let's get those Jews. The Israelis are responsible for everything anyways, why not this also?

Even more worrisome is the world's reaction to the Munich massacre. The usual refrains were heard - they're victims, it's a struggle between a strong Israel and weak Palestinians, etc. It's one thing, although to me unacceptable, to morally equalize when the terrorists are Palestinians who claim to have been victimized by the Israelis. It's completely different, however, when a group claiming to be victimized by Jordanians attacks Israelis and still manages to garner sympathy for its cause. Sometimes I think if the Basque Seperatists were to plant a bomb in Tel Aviv they would find sympathetic and understanding statements from European diplomats.

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