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September 05, 2002

Bin Laden did not do it?

It seems that the almost ‘unanimous’ view of Muslims is that bin Laden is not responsible for 9/11 (As reported on Sixty Minutes II from a Gallup Poll). Also according to Sixty Minutes, a lot of these people believe Israel and the Jews are responsible.

These leads me to a couple of questions:

If bin Laden is not responsible for 9/11 (even though some of the videos clearly indicate he was and I assume, not responsible for other terrorism, why do many Muslims think that he is the best thing since pita bread? Seems a little contradictory.

Secondly, for a religion of peace and love, it seems a little funny for Muslims to probably almost unanimously blame the whole thing on the Jews. I actually caught the segment while flipping channels ( I normally do not watch either Sixty Minutes because they are very anti-Israel) and the transcript linked to above actually does not include a whole chorus of Pakistanis saying the Jews did it shown on TV.

I just get the feeling as frequently as we are told that Islamic Fundamentalism (I like the European name , Islamicism, making it into an ism, like communism) represents the few of only a small percentage of Muslims, that this story does not represent the whole truth.

While maybe only a small percentage of Muslims may be actively gunning for westerners, I think a very large percentage of Muslims, certainly at least a majority, would cheer these guys on. If not in public, although many would do it in public, than in private.

The views of most Muslims on bin Laden, I worry, do not indicate so much that he was not responsible for 9/11 but that it was not a bad thing that was done. If very few Muslims want to destroy the west, a great majority, I worry, would sit quietly by, or laugh, or snicker, or condone or approve.

PS – Sixty Minutes blames the story of blaming the Jews to a large part on al Manar, a television station controlled by the radical Islamic group Hezbollah. Hezbollah is listed by the State Department as a terrorist group. The question for the readers is should western companies be advertising on this station? I will write about this issue in a few days.