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September 11, 2002

Ben-Eliezer Destroys Jewish Homes

In his never ending effort to insure that no Jews live outside the newly constructed ghetto walls, Ben-Eliezer is continuing to "evacuate" Jewish settlements in Yesha.
(Ha'aretz) IDF and police forces evacuated the illegal settlement outpost of Ein Horon on Wednesday morning, which is close to the West Bank settlement of Bracha, south-west of Nablus.

Several settlers living in the outpost were evacuated, and a mobile home placed in the outpost was removed. A residential building in the outpost was sealed.

Defense officials told Ha'aretz that the evacuation was not coordinated with the Yesha Council of Jewish Settlements. They said that Defense Minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer was determined to evacuate another 20 illegal outposts, regardless of whether the Yesha council agrees to cooperate with him or not.