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September 06, 2002


Here is a load of information from the IDF, including related to the numerous murders he participated in, of Marwan Barghouti. Link from JCPA

"In exchanges with Mr. Barghouti, the president of the three-judge panel, Sara Sirota, urged him to use a lawyer, but he refused. "I am a freedom fighter, fighting for the freedom of my people and peace between the two peoples," he said in Hebrew. Someone fighting for peace, Judge Sirota fired back, "doesn't turn people into bombs and kill children.""

The Times continues:
"But Israeli newspapers have been increasingly questioning the government's wisdom in putting Mr. Barghouti on public trial, because until the current uprising the popular West Bank leader was accepted in Israel as a political moderate, a staunch supporter of the Oslo peace agreements, and as a potential successor to Yasir Arafat."

Is that all Israeli newspapers? Or do you think that they are really referring to leftwing papers? Maybe it is more important what the Israeli people think, not elites writing in newspapers? Or how about the good ole' rule of law? What does the fact that Barghouti was viewed, obviously incorrectly, before he helped to kill numerous people have to do with whether he was put on trial. As President Bush has said, the US will not deal with Palestinian terrorists, period. No consideration is given to peace loving pasts.

What is interesting is that the left wing groups, Europeans, and so called human rights groups say that Israel should not assassinate terrorists but put them on trial. When Israel puts terrorists on trial, these same people say that the terrorist is a freedom fighter not a criminal, and Israel can not try him.