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September 13, 2002


Kassam rocket hits Kibbutz Sa'ad

A Kassam rocket hit a home in Kibbutz Sa'ad in the western Negev, nearly five kilometers from the Gaza Strip, Thursday night. No one was wounded as the house was unoccupied at the time, but it suffered extensive damage. [link]

Israel decides to retaliate, as any sane country would when attacked with missiles. The AP reports:

Israel invades Gaza town, killing Palestinian, destroying workshops, houses

Israel tanks and troops swept through the Palestinian town of Rafah on the Egyptian border early Friday, killing a Palestinian, damaging houses and blowing up suspected weapons factories, residents and the military said.

Completely deviod of any context. Unbelievable. Oh, and don't bother mentioning that the workshops Israel destroyed in the title were bomb-making factories.

Please excuse me, but i'm going to plug AUFI - Americans United for Israel one more time.

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