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September 05, 2002

Arafat's Involvement in Munich

In 1999, a member of Black September named Mohammed Daoud Machmoud Auda, aka Abu Daoud, published his autobiography. In it, he admitted that he was the mastermind of the Munich massacre and that

Yasser Arafat's PLO was directly responsible for the assault on Israel's athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics[...] Daoud writes that Arafat had been briefed on the planning for Munich by his PLO number two, Abu Iyad (Salah Khalaf), who was subsequently assassinated by another Palestinian group. He says Arafat and two other men saw him off on the mission with the words, "Allah protect you."
This was not the first time that Daoud had admitted Arafat's involvement.
Although this is said to be the first public acknowledgment that the PLO was behind Munich, Daoud himself essentially admitted this when under interrogation by Jordanian police in 1972. The Al-Dustur newspaper quoted him at the time as telling them: "There is no such organization called Black September. Fatah announces its own operations under this name so that Fatah will not appear as the direct executor of the operation." Fatah is Arafat's faction of the PLO.
Not only did Arafat win the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994, but "Daoud was awarded the Palestine Prize for Culture in 1999" for the book in which he admitted his and Arafat's involvements in the Munich Massacre.