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September 24, 2002

Arafat has no control over suicide bombings in Israel. Period.

For those of you unfamiliar with Ramzy Baroud, author of the article which I have linked to, he is to be found at just about any Arab media site one turns to.

His claim is simple: Arafat has no control over terror or terrorists.

Question: In what way does he represent the Palestinians as their leader if he can not control those supposedly under his rule? Baround suggests that since Arafat can not control the terror groups we ought to leave Arafat alone and go after the terrorists. Sure: and then he will find reasons to leave them alone.
Only someone who relies on the New York Times or CNN, admires the opinion of columnists such as Thomas Friedman, and finds the official statements of Israeli government spokespersons convincing, would find a direct relationship between bombings in Israel and keeping Palestinian President Yasser Arafat "isolated".
Those who have the will or power to fight off the official, and non-official Israeli propaganda which is bombarding the world, but mostly the United States, must immediately realize the obvious fallacy in the Israeli logic.

Arafat has no control over suicide bombings in Israel. Period.

For the complete nonsense by Baroud, [click here]