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September 04, 2002

Another call for action

When I started blogging in May, 2002, I was struck by two characteristics of the sites that could be labelled, “pro-Israel advocates”. First, there were so many of them, no one could cover even a fraction. Second, they were mostly information-vectors rather than being action-oriented. In joining BISI/IsraPundit, I hoped to make a contribution towards remedying both these problems.

Yesterday, I posted a note about Dr Bornstein’s petition, and about the help he requested readers to render. Today, I received another request to post a call to action, this one from Diana Muir. It reads:

Join a new program that allows people to do something on those occasions when The New York Times publishes severely biased stories or editorials about the
Middle East.

Take a Vacation Break!!

The next time that The New York Times publishes editorials or articles that are extremely biased or factually incorrect in a significant way, JAT will send out a notification message to a pre-registered group calling for people to request a three-day "vacation stoppage".

The notification will include the text of the article/editorial in question so that YOU CAN JUDGE THE EXTENT OF BIAS FOR YOURSELF.

If you agree with our call, you can multiply the impact of your indignation by participating in our coordinated vacation stop.

This is easily accomplished by dialing the home delivery department (1-888-NY-TIMES), asking to be connected to an operator and requesting a three day vacation stop, making reference to this campaign. It is important that you NOT use the automated system but actually speak to an operator and note why you are taking a break from the paper.

JAT encourages you to continue to read the Globe and/or Times on the web for FREE at:

JAT may -- depending on developments -- send out a press release to other media outlets giving the number of subscribers (but not the names) who have agreed to stop their papers on the designated day to protest bias against the Jewish state.


If you are a subscriber to either paper and wish to participate in this movement for media fairness and responsibility, sign up for the appropriate special email list over which you will receive our e-mail notice requesting that you take your Vacation Stop.

These special emailing lists are similar to the main JAT list but are operated through Yahoo. You sign up in the same way, simply by sending an email message to the appropriate address listed here. It does not matter what you put in the
subject line or body of the message.

* The New York Times:

Your name and e-mail address will be confidential. The only email you will receive from this list is our STOP notifications. We will not contact the newspapers on your behalf. You must do that yourself.

For further information or to comment on this campaign, please contact the Boston Israel Action Committee (BIAC) at ( For more information about BIAC, visit their website at

You can read about this campaign on the following page:


Reasons why Vacation stops are worth doing:

  • 1. It makes our objections to specific editorials and news stories emphatic

  • 2. Surprisingly, the admintrative cost of vacation starts and stops is not trivial. the Los Angeles community has been doing this with the LATimes for several months it is driving the management fo the L.A. Times bonkers.

  • 3. Vacation Stops are preferable to cancelling a subscription because cancellation is a one-time action, but Vacation Stops can be repeated every time the Times offends.

  • 4. With Vacation Stops, Israel activists are reading the paper and in a position to object whenever something appalling is printed.

Contributed by Joseph Alexander Norland, dt804[at]yahoo[dot]ca