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October 01, 2002

Amnesty Report Compares Murder And Self-Defense

In yet another example of the systematic anti-Semitism that runs rampant in the so-called "human rights" groups, Amnesty International has announced that Jewish self-defense is morally equivalent to PLO suicide bombings.
(Arutz Sheva) Amnesty International released its latest report last night, comparing the deaths of Israeli children at the hands of terrorist murderers and those of Arab children in the course of Israeli self-defense measures. The report, entitled "Burying the Future," condemns both. It states that 72 Israeli children were killed in Palestinian terror attacks, while 250 from the PA were killed by “IDF soldiers and armed settlers” over the past two years. Arutz-7 records show that at least 87 Israeli children 18 years and under were murdered in pre-meditated Arab terror attacks, while “armed settlers” killed no children at all.

The Amnesty report states that most of the Arab children were killed because of “excessive and disproportionate use of fatal force by IDF soldiers against demonstrators and stone-throwers, indiscriminate shooting, and bombings of residential areas.” MK Rabbi Chaim Druckman (National Religious Party) commented that the report was based on lies, and that the IDF is exceedingly careful not to use excessive force:

“If anything, the Israeli army does not use enough force - and it's at our own expense. Just a few days ago, our helicopters shot missiles at arch-terrorist Muhammed Def’s car, but did not kill him - all because they were afraid to use more force, in order not to hit ‘innocent’ bystanders. This is not right: Is their blood redder than those of the Israelis that, because we were afraid to use stronger force, Def can now go on planning to kill?”