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August 29, 2002

Let's start the ball rolling with an announcement by the Palestinian Journalists Association that "it will punish any journalist or photographer who takes photographs of armed or masked Palestinian children."
According to the message, the reason for this new policy is that these photographs will damage the Palestinian image in the eyes of the world. The Foreign Reporters' Association said in response to this message, that it rejects the threat of punishments against the Palestinian journalists working in the foreign media. The International Journalists' Association requested that the Palestinian Journalists' Association cancel the prohibition on photographing armed children. It added that the problem is the very existence of these armed children, and not the journalists who are only trying to do their job.

The IDF Spokesperson's Unit adds:
The Palestinian Journalists' Association does not condemn the existence of the widespread phenomenon, in which Palestinian children are being educated in armed combat, nor that they are being shown armed and wearing explosive belts in demonstrations organized by various terrorist organizations in support of suicide bombings.

To coin an expression, this is not so much intifada as spintifada. Is Peter Mandelson employed in a part-time capacity by the PLA? We should be told.